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I felt a chill on my leg and looked down in time to see a steady stream of my own sperm tracing a path down the leather seat of my chair towards the cleft of my butt. Christmas had come early! For the next few days I puzzled over those tapes: We didn't own a video camera until fairly recently and anyway, if they were 'family' tapes, why would Dad hide them away so carefully? Soon we were writhing on the floor in front of the fire, stroking and sucking each other with growing excitement. The leather felt warm on my naked back as I watched Dad set up the big silver Betamax video. He waded out onto the bank, wringing the water from his hair and lay down beside. "Better not stay like that too long in this sun or you could get burnt in some funny places!" Then he walked round me, studying me appraisingly, as if I was one of his prize heifers.

There was no mistaking the enquiry in those oriental looking eyes. "Or mebbe he's just a horny bastard!" His laughter rang down the corridor as he turned out the lights behind. Soon -too soon for me- the effect began to wear off and almost frantic with lust, I attacked Bob's cock. Already I could feel the heat from his naked body through my thin shirt. "Sure, we jerked each other off.It was great. He drew some water from the faucet and washed himself down and." He paused to see if he still had my full attention - He sure had! Bob made me watch him as he closed a nostril with one finger and sniffed heavily from the bottle through the other. "You sure about this?

I had become irritable and scratchy through lack of sleep and frustration and only that morning Carrie had laid her hand on my forehead, inquiring. Guys have gotten themselves killed that way." My mouth went dry and I could scarcely whisper. "That's Lucy May" growled Bob in my ear. His cock was already standing stiff above a jungle of thick hair which glistened in the soft light and his ball sack drooped low, resting on the leather seat between his spread thighs. He didn't fail her and withdrew his hand, only to replace it with his rampant dick, sliding it in and out deeper and deeper with each slow stroke until his balls were squeezed tightly between their two bodies. Ever so casually, he pulled at the leg of his shorts to make himself more comfortable, dragging the hem further up his thigh in the process so that the tip of his cock was almost in daylight. I felt a sudden weight on my chest, as he lay down on top of me, belly to belly so that our two cocks pressed against each other. How Carrie had arrived at the ranch was a story in itself.


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Bob solved the problem by untying the belt of his robe and spreading the two sides wide over the arms of his chair. It was an argument that clinched it for. It was too shiny to be Peter Long Wolf's and turned out to belong to one of Bob's neighbors. For me, no summer camp could ever compare with life on the farm and the carefree evenings we shared after a day's work. They had been licked, sucked and fondled by Bob earlier -they had even taken a beating from his last crazy masturbatory strokes.Now, as they regained their potency, they were letting me know they were ready for more action. We were fellow conspirators again. He was gone one helluva long time -surely no one spent all that time having a piss! "My people weren't there, Quimosabe. Here we are dressed only in our skins, recovering from one of the best jerk-offs I've had in months and you say I'm not ready?

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They must have been Bob's everyday set, because the ring was packed with keys of all shapes and sizes. He put his gay check location appartement en normandie arm over my shoulder as we walked back to the house and said in a low confidential tone. "He tells me that you and he get along just fine." Again that strange tone and, yeah, his cock was really moving some now, pushing his ball sac to one side as it slowly stiffened, but if he noticed me staring, he gave no sign. My sneakers made no sound as I crossed the yard into the dense shadow of the barn. When he had relaxed, I held him gently between finger and thumb while I burrowed through the hood of his foreskin with until I found the smooth silky meat beneath, feeling the soft outer skin stretch as I slid my tongue from side to side. Another quick snort of poppers steadied me for only a moment before the inevitable happened: I was not prepared for the intensity of my climax and let out a series of long drawn out "Uhh. "That's how it's done, kid." He panted, adding with a grin. I could feel my own prick hardening, pressing against the thin stretch fabric of my bathers. I was in my final year and would be staying on, but Dad would have to return to work at the end of the weekend. After a while, he lifted his head and drew away from me, planting a quick kiss on the tip of my cock as it emerged.